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Red Hill Dune Sand

Red Hill Dune Sand

Red Hill Dune Sand is extracted from our Red Hill Sand Lease and is a fine dune sand with a vibrant red colour.


It is also an intregral material for underground concrete activities and is also widely used for in-between interlock pavers, cement blocks and other cement based products.


In the construction sector, this type of sand is mainly used for backfilling trenches over underground cables or piping works as this type of sand is light, which reduces the weight load on the underground infrastructure.



This product is high in nitrogen properties, making it ideal for lawn care, agricultural, gardening purposes and contains some of the required minerals suitable for plants & trees.


Common uses:

Landscaping & Gardening.

Parks & Green areas.

Construction works.

In between pavers.

Decorative works.

Cable Laying & Pipe laying.

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